A Full-Service Company

Auto Glass Experts Inc. has served the Syracuse community since 2004, making us one of the most popular independent auto glass shops in the area.  Over the years, we have adapted our services to meet the changing needs of our customers.

From a simple winshield repair to a complexed replacement, we can do it all. Our up to date equipment and personnel can handle any vehicle, from soprts cars to heavy-duty trucks and tractors.  We also cut flat glass for heavy equipment.


Windshield Replacement

In many cases, windshield replacement is the only safe option to restore the structural integrity of the glass.  Our mobile auto glass repair service is quick, professional, and convenient, with most jobs completed in less than 60 minutes.Our Certified auto glass technicians will remove the damaged glass or windshield, vacuum any broken glass from the interior of your vehicle, install your new auto glass, and thoroughly test for safeness.  With most replacement jobs requiring only a one hour safe drive away time, you will be back on the road quickly. 

Windshield Repair

  • Windshield repairs are convenient.   Repairs take approximately 30 minutes. You can visit our location in North Syracuse or we can come to your home or office. 


  • Windshield repair retains the structural integrity of the glass.  Windshield repair is a permanent process that removes air from the break and fills it with a durable resin. The process bonds the glass to the resin, restores strength to the windshield,improves the break’s appearance and prevents the break from spreading.


  • Windshield repair is environmentally friendly.   Since the glass does not have to be replaced, less glass will be discarded into landfills.

Tempered Replace (Most doors and back glass)

Tempered glass is just as important to a vehicle’s safety as laminated glass, but it differs greatly in both form and function. This type of glass is used for the surrounding windows of car (also called the sidelites) and the back window (orbacklite)

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